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The only way you improve your craft, is realizing every moment is an oportunity to capture that moment in stills or motion.

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My Little Story

Everyone starts somewhere, my story begins a little something like this ...


I've always had a passion for cinematics. From being a little kid when my cousin brought over his camcorder and we shot a short film of some gangsters in the woods (yes we had to be creative), I was enthrolled with how I could step into that field.

Fast forward some 10 years, and my life turned a different direction. From an early age I excelled at electronics and circuit boards as well as programming commodore 64. Upon completing High School, I was instantly offered a job utilizing those skills. I excelled rapidly in the field year over year, designing computer systems, working with Photoshop and software development tools, mobile development and so much more. Finally a breakthrough, I met a wonderful woman with 3 kids and I couldn't help but want to capture every moment.

I continued to study videography and cinematography, taking the oportunity to teach the kids what I learned and give them more outlets to discover their own passions. It all worked together well as I incorportated religous study into our films to make learning about the lord fun and something we could share with others as well!

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Equipment and Tools

Cinematography and Photography often calls upon a wide toolbelt of accessories to get the job done

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
DaVinci Resolve
Panasonic GH5 - VLog, 4K UHD/DCI
Best in Class 4K DSLR Tier
18-35 Sigma f1.8
Best in class constant f-stop zoom lens
11-20 Tokina f2.8
Ultra wide establishing lens/Real Estate
50mm f1.8 (Nifty Fifty)
Go-To Close Shot
Olympus 40-150 f.4-5.6
Trusty zoom lens

Services and prices

All services are customizable, and prices vary based on that customization



Have that moment captured forever. We offer both photography and videography. Our video services range from short 2m film of the day, to 15m full packages including raw footage.

Price : $250-$2500

Real Estate Photography/Videography

Help your clients' properties move with crisp HDR photos or step it up with a real video tour of their estate.

Price : $80-$2000

Commercial Photography/Videography

Capture product images, building store front, print ready images and short feature commercials.

Price : $350-$900

We specialize in video services, but include a wide range of stills (photography) services. Most services include delivery via digital online download, but can include CD/DVD, Print, Packaged Print (e.g. Canvas), YouTube, and more.

Clients and Testimonilas

What's the best way to know you've done a good job exceeding your client's needs? They refer you and have you on speed dial for their next project!


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